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Welcome to 'Business Consultancy for Tourism Professionals'

We help travel professionals, communities and businesses who want to have more customers and grown their business through sustainable and ecological tourism.

Jesse Andrews is a business consultant for communities, businesses, tour operators and travel professionals looking to grow their reach in the highly competitive world of travel. For 15 years she lived in Italy working with communities all over Italy to improve touristic resources. In the past 15 years, Jesse has worked in Italy, France, Croatia, Greece, Morocco, Columbia, Kenya, Thailand, Indian, Ireland, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Malta, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, China, Mexico and many other countries as a travel consultancy expert. In the process, Jesse has grown her client and agent travel database list to 220,000 unique individuals and created an incredible community of international followers.

In the today`s fiercely competitive travel market, travel professionals require many skills necessary to keep and maintain customers and depending on the nature and scope of your business, Jesse can help you through coaching and business strategy, develop a systematic approach that can elevate your business and community to the next level.


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